Threat Intelligence

Threat Hunting and Intelligence Services

There exist many specialized tools that deal with threat hunting and intelligence gathering, these can often be high value acquisitions for organizations. It is therefore imperative to analyze your organization’s risk profile effectively, to not purchase high end overkill technologies when simpler more cost-effective solutions may be more applicable.

Threat-Intel Strategies

CISO AG is aware that to many organizations, threat Intelligence is a strategic capability. It provides insights to make better decisions that ultimately protect your business.

Gaining threat intelligence data gives organizations the opportunity to effectively gain threat related data from many sources which can then be used to make holistic security solutions that fit the active threats identified through this intelligence gathering process.

Threat Intel Benefits

Practicing due diligence

Supply chain management, safety compliance, and security of sensitive data all require due diligence on behalf of security management. Our analysts provide data gathering and system analysis that can help protect your company’s assets, including human assets, especially during a merger or acquisition processes.

Defending against emerging security threats

Predictive intelligence and other new cyber security practices and standards help a company’s security functions to better ensure risk management and resiliency.

Mitigating geo-political risks

Political conflicts overseas, especially in areas where a company has a vested interest, can threaten financial and operational stability. CISO AG’s professionals are hired to structure analytics frameworks that can deal with incidents as they arise.

Threat Intelligence

Today, the cybersecurity industry faces numerous challenges — increasingly persistent and devious threat actors, a daily flood of data full of extraneous information and false alarms across multiple, unconnected security systems, and a serious shortage of skilled professionals.

Some organizations try to incorporate threat data feeds into their network, but don’t know what to do with all that extra data, adding to the burden of analysts who may not have the tools to decide what to prioritize and what to ignore.

CISO AG can recommend cyber threat intelligence solutions that can address these issues.

The best solutions use machine learning to automate data collection and processing, integrate with your existing solutions, take in unstructured data from disparate sources, and then connect the dots by providing context on indicators of compromise (IoCs) and the tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) of threat actors.

Level 1 - Foundation

  1. Prevention
  2. Reactive Investigations
  3. Technical Threat Data
  4. Adhoc Process
  5. No dedicated People

Level 2 - Operational

  1. Defensive Updates
  2. Proactive Human Resources
  3. Technical & Tactical Data
  4. Emerging Process
  5. Limited People & Budget

Level 3 - Trusted

  1. Continuous Defense Adaption
  2. Threat Hunting & Automation
  3. Strategic Decisions
  4. Formalized Process
  5. Dedicated Team

CISO AG consultants understand what todays current threats are, without this understanding proactively hunting for threats is an exceedingly difficult process. With the ever-changing landscape of cyber security, that is no easy task.

Three factors can always be identified, however, to understand threats and begin creating a strategy to work with: intent, capability, and opportunity.

Based on your industry, your business size, and the types of data you store, you can begin to understand the potential intent of a hacker. For instance, your data might be ideal for holding ransom or it might be better as a steppingstone to get more personal information about users.

Once intent is uncovered, our consultants will know what precautions to take to ensure that this threat actor cannot get through.

Capability changes all the time. What are threat actors capable of doing to your network and with your data?

Staying up to date on the latest cybersecurity trends will ensure you are not neglecting the newest way a threat actor could take advantage of you. In other words, staying agile with your cybersecurity defenses keeps you safe.

Opportunity is where intent and capability come together. What a threat actor wants and how they can get it breeds opportunity if you are not careful.

CISO AG will help identify the specific threat vectors that are most pertinent to your security footprint and suggest the best tools and technologies to help you successfully hunt the threats in your organization.