Supply Chain Risk Management

Large companies at the centre of vast data ecosystems, face a looming problem: managing cyber and privacy risks around information that travels to third parties and beyond, all the way down the supply chain. In such scenarios where data is shared with service providers and subcontractors to improve service delivery and reduce costs, new threats emerge.

Third party data breaches may force your organization to respond to incidents that are outside of your control or originate from an indirect source.

As legislation tightens the net on accountability, your organisation becomes responsible for all of the data for which you control, even when your suppliers are contractually obliged to look after it. For example, GDPR calls this the Data Controller / Data Processor relationship.

We help you uphold your legal obligations around data sharing agreements, enforcing contract SLAs, Security Annex’s, NDAs, audit schedules and the like.

Apart from upholding your legal obligations when it comes to sharing sensitive data, we help you protect your reputation by managing all risks associated with your supply chain.

Our 12 step programme will help you manage risks in your supply chain