ISMS Roadmap

Information Security Management System

Companies operate in a constantly changing environment with zero-day attacks being a real threat. There are many threat actors with varying skill levels that pose multiple threats. In this landscape, you must assess the cyber security risk and financially justify the steps taken to mitigate these threats. CISO AG’s consultants will help you identify the correct ISMS that suits your business.

ISMS STartup

CISO AG will analyze your security posture and conduct a survey to determine the appropriate solution for your organization. We will develop and execute the following plan using our specialist ISMS experts. This process delivers several tangible outcomes to you. Upon completion you will have a clear understanding of the activities needed to implement your ISMS to a level and at a pace that suits the organization.


Review your existing documentation


Conduct interviews and workshops


Define the scope and boundaries of the ISMS


Identify and document ISMS key roles and responsibilities


Create required documentation and reports


Develop an implementation plan


Deliver an executive briefing

Cyber Security Consultant

ISMS provides a systematic approach to managing the risks relevant to your organization’s information assets. It ensures that you have the necessary measures (controls) in place to mitigate risks to your assets so reducing the impact of external/internal threats and incidents.

CISO AG has extensive experience in Implementing and/or optimizing Information Security Management System (ISMS) within mature organizations. We work with high level and low-level security stakeholders to formulate a strategic approach towards your ISM.

An effective ISMS will address the following key issues in relation to security controls, such as:

  • Determine what information is critical to the business’ operation (i.e. organizational intellectual property, payroll, client and personnel information etc.).
  • Determine how to protect this business-critical information (i.e. how much security is enough, and how can I be sure when I have enough?).
  • Determine how much the security measures will cost to implement (is money being wasted on over-protecting information, or was enough money spent to protect the information adequately?).
  • Determine what protection was obtained for the cost, and what value has been added to the organization (and was it worth it?).
  • Ensure that the security measures are adequate for the threats of today, tomorrow and into the future (how is this done?).
  • Assigning responsibility for managing and maintaining the information security measures within organization, and ensuring they have the right skills to do the job.
  • bringing your organization to compliance with legal, regulatory and statutory requirements.
  • increasing overall organizational efficiency and operational efficiency.
  • minimizing internal and external risks to business continuity.
  • significantly limiting security and privacy breaches.
  • providing a process for information security and corporate governance; and
  • increased stakeholder confidence due to the strong reputation of the standard

Our dedicated Cyber security team can assess the needs of your business and determine the most cost-effective way of securing your information whilst reducing your risk.