Reputation Management

Reputation management is how companies or professionals monitor, maintain, and improve their online image. Reputation can take many years to accrue and can be compromised in the blink of an eye. CISO AG consultants can review your organization existing risk profile and help you mitigate potential weak areas that may compromise your company’s reputation now and, in the future.

Brand Monitoring

CISO AG can also assist your company through successful identification and application of tools that designed to monitor social media, surface, deep and dark web sources continuously for mentions of your brands, products, and services. Scan for fraudsters, scammers or hackers planning an attack on your brand or website.

Customer Data Monitoring

Data monitoring can assist you in knowing whether customers are affected by data breaches sooner, through round the clock customer monitoring and data potential watermarking. Your company can be aware before your customer is and receive notifications when alerts are generated so you can proactively address them.

Typo and Domain Cybersquatting

Stopping brand impersonation can be accomplished only by rapidly identifying where it is occurring, setting up a fake domain can be the first step in a more elaborate brand impersonation fraud.

CISO AG can provide the tools to conduct typo and domain cybersquatting services, to identify these fake domains sooner.

User Awareness Training


The individuals working for your company have the power to influence the way in which your company is perceived. Thus, the management of their personal online information and how it may affect your companies’ image can be a point of concern.

This information can take many forms, including personal files, emails, and social media accounts. Basically, anything that can help a stranger identify you, could be considered personal information.

Reputation Management

One problem that organisations can face is that of their professionals oversharing of information or the lack of valuable privacy settings.

Mismanagement of these things can lead to an excess of (potentially compromising) personal information being available to job interviewers, managers, or potential clients.

Just imagine being the head of sales or marketing and seeing one of your employees on social media, endorsing your competitor’s product over that of your companies and then walking into a new client and trying to pitch his company’s product.

Even worse an employee could become an active participant in online discussions that result in them leaking certain company information or deliberately just trashing your companies name.