NIST Framework

National Institute of Standards and Technologies

Every company has a unique risk tolerance and level of exposure to today’s security vulnerabilities. Depending on your organisation’s stance CISO AG can assist you in identifying the framework that best suits your organisations security goals.

What does NIST provide?

It provides cyber security and privacy frameworks used to safeguard your business with reasonable security and privacy by applying suggested controls and maturity models like NIST IR 7621r1, CSF r1.1, 800-171r2, and 800-53r4.

Secure Data

The Cyber Security Framework (CSF) coupled with the new Privacy Framework introduces an opportunity to help businesses keep privacy data sacred while suggesting foundations that improve cyber mindset, harden overall cyber posture, and limit whack-a-mole reactive spending to comply with regulations.

The Industry

In today’s IT Security landscape, 80% of cyber security professionals are gearing up for adoption in anticipation of expected regulations stimulated by new consumer privacy laws, which make this framework an ideal model for many organisations.


The National Institute of Standards and Technologies, created the CSF or Cyber Security Framework as a proactive approach to managing cyber risk. This powerful set of guidelines can be adopted by businesses across all industries to develop a robust security program.

CISO AG’s consultants are experts in analysing your organisations security posture and will help you attain requirements necessary to achieve framework compliance.

NIST compliance can be simple. This framework follows a systematic approach to help you assess, achieve, and maintain compliance.


Perform a complete evaluation of your security posture.


Review your policies, procedures, and architecture.


Map your relevant people, processes, and technology.


Develop awareness and training around NIST compliance.

3rd Party

Align your 3rd party providers to your NIST needs.

Security Gaps

Find and fix the gaps in your security that are relevant to NIST.


Develop a 100% custom roadmap to NIST compliance.

Action Plan

Align NIST and your other regulations into a single action plan for your organisation and help in the execution strategy.