Governance, Risk and Compliance

Today’s rapidly changing business and regulatory environment requires thinking about risk in new ways. Taking an innovative approach to managing and enhancing your governance, risk and compliance (GRC) activities can help you seize opportunities, stay a step ahead of uncertainty, and meet stakeholder expectations.

CISO AG provides support to organisations whom we help to navigate risks and deliver lasting change, through the creation of a risk resilient business culture.

CISO AG’s GRC service provides a comprehensive and holistic approach to implement a function that streamlines the company and drive it to achieve business goals.

Creating good governance is more important than ever; companies are expected to be transparent, accountable, responsible. It is critical to select and implement the appropriate set of rules, systems, controls, processes. Trust and reputation are the fundamental values, and it becomes clear to everyone. CISO AG can help to design and implement the overall management framework for effective governance, and utilizing GRC tools, keep the company track.

CISO AG can help and advise companies on the whole spectrum of risk management, from an enterprise risk management framework to information security risk assessments, and privacy risk assessment. An integrated and working risk management framework enables the company to identify risks proactively, reducing the operation cost by preventing incidents, and streamlining the process.

Our consultants are gained deep knowledge of implementing risk management frameworks, including ISO/IEC 31000, NIST 800-30, NIST 800-57, IRM and other frameworks. During our consultation, we are identifying the most suitable approach that is matching the company’s size, operation, and ethos.

The importance of becoming and staying compliant with different regulations is becoming more important than ever. Identifying the relevant requirements and design a comprehensive compliance framework requires experience and knowledge.  CISO AG can help to create a compliance program, monitor its effectiveness, provide audit and certification services.


Training for C-level managers, the responsibilities of the directors, obligations, best practices


Designing the governance framework, including first, second and third defense lines setup


Assessment of internal audit process

Impact Assessment

Impact assessment of regulatory requirements


Regulatory requirements collection and assessment

Policies and Procedure

Creation of policies and procedures of the governance framework

Compliance Monitoring

Designing compliance monitoring including the identification of KPI’s

GRC Tools

Implementation of GRC tools