Development, Security & Operations

In keeping abreast of the ever-changing IT Security culture, CISO AG has led the charge towards the movement from DevOps to DevSecOps. This move introduces the concept of information security into the existing DevOps paradigm. Thus, acknowledging the notion of developing a culture that prioritizes secure development and speed rather than attempting to separate the concepts, thereby incorporating security by design principles.


As an extension of the DevOps mindset, DevSecOps embeds security controls and processes into the DevOps workflow and automates the core security tasks.

These security principles are introduced early in development processes and are implemented throughout the development life cycle.

We will embed automated dynamic application security testing (DAST) into SDLC and this will enable checking for vulnerabilities real time, while the application runs.

We will set-up automated processes for managing open-source and third-party components and conduct dependency checks with utilities such as OWASP dependency-checker

CISO DevSecOps teams will also train your development teams on secure coding practices. We will assist you in leveraging automation tools and practices to integrate security into DevOps pipelines and testing automation.

CISO Assurance Group

CISO AG recognizes that organizations are improving their DevOps game and continue to evolve their CI/CD pipelines, whilst malicious attacks are on the rise.

Companies are realizing that DevOps are great for quick delivery of software, but the risks of poor security remains real, immediate, and can result in extremely costly outcomes.

We also see the real need for why Organizations need to move superfast with security built into the CI/CD process and without Automation, this can’t be successful.

Our DevSecOps consultants are well versed with several automation tools with a range of capabilities and we conduct security analysis and testing throughout the software development lifecycle, from source-code analysis through integration to post-deployment monitoring.